best practice for cleaning WHS
Cleaning can be a dangerous occupation.

Over one in four accidents are reported as severe and almost the same proportion resulted in more than 60 days off work. These figures based on compensation data underestimate the real picture as many accidents are not reported or don't result in claims. Some diseases, for example, from chemical exposure, only develop later in life and are difficult to claim compensation for.

In addition, compensation figures don't begin to measure the larger un-insured costs of workplace accidents - lost productivity, re-training, recruitment, lower morale, human suffering, industrial disputes, court costs, etc.

These costs are unacceptable!

The goal of the contract cleaning industry is to reduce the human and financial costs of workplace injuries and disease to the lowest possible level. To meet this goal, the organisation in consultation with employees needs to be committed to working towards "best practice". This means making Workplace health and safety management part and parcel of everyday operations. It also means measuring your performance so that you can improve it continuously.

Worker Fatality Statistics 2016

Using the above WHSMS model, establish the current state of development of your WHS management system.

The table here describes all the elements at different effectiveness ratings. By utilising the WHSMS model and the associated table you will be able to measure your current state of development and what would need to be done to upgrade the state of your WHS management system. It is recommended that the "fundamentals" elements (numbers one through to three) be the first point of improvement, as they are vital to your ongoing success in this area. Remember, whilst implementing "best practice" WHS management, it is important to involve your employees. They will be able to assist you in establishing the state of development of your WHS management system. In addition, the integration of WHS management principles into everyday business practice will assist in improving your business performance.

Written by Lorraine Rogic of Logic Business Resources Pty Ltd 

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